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Dec 3, 2012 4:30am PST
earlier has been cancelled many john alston, abc7 news. >>> rocks and mudslides created problems for drive areas long highway 16. heavy rain pounded the canyon saturday night into yesterday morning causing a series of rock slides west of 505. slides forced closure of highway 16 from state route 20 to the county line, caltrans hopes to have highway 16 cleared an later today. >>> i'm glad to hear that whatever rain we'll be getting now won't be like yesterday. >> not even close, thankfully, hopefully won't cause any more damage many the ground is still saturated all the streams are starting to recede some of the rivers have peaked. we'll look at a lot of gauges coming up. right now we saw emeryville to san francisco how clear it was. live doppler over the last three hours, you don't see any radar returns just a lot of high clouds waiting for you this morning. temperatures much cooler than they have been. running around 10 to 20° cooler low to mid 50s there, i should say low to mid 40s there monterey bay mid 40s to 50°. in the afternoon partly sunny increasing sunshine today, with the
Nov 30, 2012 4:30am PST
occurred. >> reporter: the 13-year-old is home with her family. john foster lives near the park he and his dog play at the park daily. he hadn't heard about the assault. >> that's very surprising. there are always a lot of kids here from five up to teenagers and everyone seems well behaved and gets along. it is a fun place to come. >> reporter: police are still actively investigating. for now, they say they have arrested all of their suspects. a.m. ma date, abc7 news. >>> -- the fate of same-sex marriage in california could be decided by the u.s. supreme court today debating to let stand an appeals court ruling declaring prop 8 unconstitutional. the ballot initiative banned same-sex in california. if the justices let it stand it will be legalized in days. dean johnson says it won't set a national precedent. >> only issue that is really in front of the court in the prop 8 case is whether or not california's proposition 8 violates equal protection. the issue of same-sex marriage in the broader sense of a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage is not addressed bay the prop 8 ca
Dec 5, 2012 4:30am PST
imprison. john alston, abc7 news. >>> still doesn't look too bad on the bay bridge we saw rain coming down on terry. >> north bay, raining pretty good. mike is here to tell us more about the rain. >>> here's a look at live doppler. good morning. here's the east bay, from cutting boulevard, richmond, san pablo, shamrock drive to hercules where we have the best return now. as the front is moving into the bay area almost parallel with 80 heavier showers offshore going to move in towards san francisco in the next 45 minutes expect the intensity of these showers to pick up. half mile visibility in fairfield, three napa, two half moon bay, everybody else okay. there is a little bit of low hanging clouds this morning almost fog-like with the mist falling ahead of that initial line of steadier rain. temperatures mild when you step out, mid 50s to low 60s 54 santa rosa, 62 in mountain view. mid to upper 50s 7:00 with everybody getting wet for the morning commute. noon the rain starts to change to showers very scattered during the afternoon hours upper 50s to low 60s showers will fade to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3